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Country USA
Specific emergencies 2012 Hurricane Isaac, 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2013 Moore (OK) Tornado, 2013 Tornadoes, 2013 Colorado Floods
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Getting help after an emergency, Recovery, News
Resource sub-type Government Resources (National)
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; Volcanic eruption; Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami; Wildland fire; Utility disruption; Transportation emergency; Solar storm/EMP attack; Meteorite/space debris; Chemical spill or release; Disease outbreak
Area(s) covered USA

Governments - State and Local

Portals for Hurricane Relief

News & Updates From Agencies

Assistance for Individuals

Federal Resources Management Agency

Register for assistance

Denials of Assistance

Housing and Urban Development

Social Security

US Postal Services

Insurance Information

Tax Relief

Home Repair Loans

  • Gustav Benefit Portal - informations for victims and disaster relief workers know about disaster relief programs available: housing assistance, unemployment assistance, physical disaster loans, farm emergency loans.

Assistance for Businesses

Business Information Portal

  • - more comprehensive list of contact numbers and online resources cleanup information and state business links

Small Business Administration

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

National Credit Union Administration

USDA - Farm Service Agency

Internal Revenue Service

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